ULTRALUBE Lubricant Oil Storage Unit (LSU-01)

ULTRALUBE Lubricant Oil Storage Unit (LSU-01)

The Lubricant Oil Storage Unit was designed to store and dispense bulk lubricants in a sophisticated way without wastage and mix-up at the production floor.Colour Coded Tanks identifies the lubricant and avoids contamination with other oils. The Suction motor is used to take the oil from the Barrel via 150 micron Filter and stores it in the Colour coded tanks. Photosensors helps to avoid overflow in these tanks.
Auto Shut off taps (With Timer) ensures that oil does not get spilled after closure of dispensing tap. Though Low Viscosity Oils are dispensed with the aid of gravity, High Viscous Fluids (300 and above) are dispensed positively with the help of suction pump mechanism.
Tank capacities are completely customised ranging from 50 ltrs to 300 ltrs. In addition Files and Tools storage cabinet are provided. All safety mechanisms with the help of electric circuits are in place like the OLR, Auto Power off, Empty barrel Auto motor Off etc., in addition to the Overflow control mechanism

Other Features
Spindle Bolster Reconditioning

We undertake all types of Spindle Bolster Reconditioning where we change the inserts and neck bearing. This extends the life of Spindle Bolsters

MANIRAJ Mobile Spindle Lubrication

We provide Spindle Lubrication at your premises with our machine at an affordable rate. This ensures proper lubrication and long life to Spindle Bolsters without any concerns of machine maintenance.